Traditional salmon BBQ (@sitka_ ) #lategram #svihh


Coffee in Italy. Via Master Barista.


Coffee in Italy. Via Master Barista.


Finca Santa Teresa Coffee by Butchershop

Espresso or pourover? Finca Santa Teresa, one of the world’s most celebrated coffee growers, needed a brand identity as noteworthy as its product. We designed a sensible brand rooted in the sustainability and supreme quality of FST’s high-altitude, hard-bean export. Connoisseurs, vendors, cuppers, restaurateurs and baristas the world over concur: FST is hot stuff.

Wow. #sunrise #svihh

Rock and wood. I love our West Coast beaches. #svhih #hollyhock

A stop with a beach view on my way to Hollyhock. Nice community atmosphere (@saltspringcoffee) #10amcoffee #svi

#yum #bella

Interviewing Roberto Salazar - a coop manager from La Labor municipality of Honduras. He helped us select the Finca Pashapa inseason coffee just launched by @saltspringcoffee #honduras #10amcoffee

Photo bombed by @ecowalker #mvfeast2014 #loveit

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